Why frame house?


Standard 180m2 frame house, from start to finish takes about 12 weeks with a partially finish and about 16 weeks, with a full finish. Construction work may be carried out during the cold season.


In a frame house the thermal insulation is used in the design part, so it is possible to reach a large wall thermal resistance. The thermal resistance of the house and the house tightness is serving to reduce heating costs.


Frame houses made of recurrent primary raw materials. Based on ecologically pure “breathable” material. Construction technology keeps order at the construction site and do not harm the environment.


It is unnecessary to use large construction equipment for a frame house, this reduces construction costs.

Our Services

Pre-cut system

Using pre-cut system in a frame house construction, construction process is easy and fast.

Panel frame house construction

A panel house is ideal for quickly and efficiently build a warm, durable and environmentally friendly house.


Preparing and selling wood

We sell spruce wood for constructions: rafter, joist ceiling, boards, wood for fences etc.

Reconstruction and renovation scanstatyba

Reconstruction and renovation

Construction works, premises installations, facade and roof renovation.



Rent a tip-up lorry with manipulator in Lithuania for goods up to 12 tons.

We are not just building houses. We are building dreams.

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