Pre-cut system

Using pre-cut system in a frame house construction, construction process is easy and fast. Principal idea of this system – “do it yourself”. Our customer can congregate simple construction building, it allows You to reduce the cost of home construction. Our designers will provide You with detailed information about how to install a house, how much fasteners You will need to make the construction process as easy as possible.

All necessary parts are sawn and marked of the frame house which is prepared for the construction using “pre-cut” system. Thanks to the pre-designed parts of the house, there is no need to use a cross-cut machine or measuring instruments, You just need to put marked parts into their places and strengthen them. Manually installing the walls of the manufactured parts, we recommend the use of a flat, horizontal base (wooden or concrete overlay of the base), which allows a horizontal wall constructions assembled to build the walls of the building elements.

Great for you

All required construction materials for the house assembly can be delivered to Your building site. If You made a decision to hire a company for Your house construction then our specialist will collect You a house within 1-2 weeks (150m2 standart frame house) and will would perform a full house installation within 4-6 months.


When constructing a two-story house, the first floor and the basement ceiling of the second floor serves as the basis for the walls and the frame is assembled. Using pre-cut wood, and recommended principle of the construction, you will save a lot of time and costly construction time. Pre-cut system reduces transport costs and because the crane is not required, the whole house can be freely congregated by hand. The process of the parts for the house construction takes from 1-2 weeks.